Web Creation





Website planning takes place in conversation with the client. The purpose of the conversation is to better understand your wishes on the future page and to prepare you for the development process.

 2.Prototype – Visual Design

Using graphical tools, you will create a “prototype” your future web page. At this stage, there is a chance for rough changes. This is not the final layout of your site, but only the display of the layout of the elements (text, images, videos, etc.).

 3.Resource gathering

We expect you to send us all the necessary text, picture and video material. Images should be as large as possible (eg 1920 x 1080 px) for clearer viewing on the web.
If the images do not meet the quality, there is the possibility of processing the images on our side.

4.Final Design

When we decide on the final layout of the page, we start to assamble the elements of the page using graphical tools (photoshop, adobe xd). This is the final version of the page layout and only mild modifications are possible.

5. Coding & Optimisation

The process of writing the necasarry code for your site. Speed optimization, optimization of responsiveness and addition of keywords for SEO. This process can take a whilte to get the best results as possible.

6. Website Deployment

objava na internetu

After coding and various tests, the optimization follows the page layout. You are expected to own a domain (www.example.com), and a hosting space where your site will be accessible to visitors. Domain and hosting can be leased for a minimum of one year.
We offer assistance in choosing domain and hosting.