SEO Optimisation



SEO is a short name for “Search engine optimization”. This is a process of customization or part of internet marketing that deals with the better positioning of your site on various internet search engines such as GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO and others.

In Croatia, Google has more than 99% of the search, and for these reasons, we mostly rely on that searcher.



This type of optimization begins before the creation of the website itself, by exploring key words, designing the content structure, selecting titles, images, etc.

  • Keyword selection – “keywords”
  • Select a domain name
  • A meaningful URL names
  • Headlines, content, meta tags
  • Site Structure


Offsite optimization is the construction of links that lead to your site, as a rule as many relevant links lead to your site it will have you a better Site Rank on Google.

When optimizing the Analytics website and the details about censors, we use Google Webmaster tools.

With the optimization of the SEO site, there is the possibility of buying key words. This service is calledGoogle AdWords. Our site will appear on the leased keywordu and will link up to the link that is the ad, ie “Ad”